On top of their Ottoman Empire



Frodo won Dog of the Day

Hi All, Sammy here

I love my lil bro Frodo so much that I made mom nominate him for the dog of the day….and guess what??? He won!!!

He was so happy! He jumped up and down

Then he wore a crown and got as cocky as King Joffrey (Oh Yeah! I just made a Game of Throne reference :))
King for the day
Credit – Crown stock from Remidica

Then he made me whisper praises in his ears ( I can’t believe I did that)
Whisper to the king

He was getting a little outta hand and I got really mad. We started fighting and Dad called a time out
photo 3So we made peace and spent the rest of the day cuddling because to me he is the dog of the day, everyday!
photo 4

Frodo reviews Zombies,Run app

Hello Everyone! My name is Frodo and this is a story about how my mom got her stride back.

Mom is doing her MBA at University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a bit of a nerd (Duh! She named me and my sister Frodo and Sam) and off late she seems so consumed with school and her internship that she doesn’t have the time and energy to take us for long walks like she used to. In her free time, she power naps (which sometimes became longer naps).
First, I tried to wait for her to wake up
photo (3)

Slowly, I lost patience and just joined her
Joined her

Then, my sister Sam also joined us and we became couch potatoes
Cuddled up

None of us were happy but we were too lazy at this point to push ourselves and really wanted a stimulant … Then one day, we hit jack pot! We found an iphone app called “Zombies,Run!”. Turns out that this game was built to get nerds out running. Mom is not into video games but she loved zombies (weirdo!) . Sam and I borrowed money from Dad and bought the app and forced mom to try it out. And…… she loved it!!! The story narration and the sense of adventure made running interesting again and she started looking forward to the runs. Running increased her energy levels and made her do better in school.Look at her running away from the zombies!
ZombieThanks to Zombies, Run app, my mom found her stride again and Sam and I have her back spending quality time with us again. We love you!!!!